SIGGIS develops, distributes and uses open source technologies for creating high-level solutions in geographic intelligence, tailored to the needs of its clients:


Easy-to-use web map server with excellent performance and global recognition and references.

PostgreSQL / PostGIS

Object-relational database management system, which together with its PostGIS extension, becomes an excellent geographic database.


Javascript interface that allows creating dynamic and interactive maps directly in the browser, enabling the combination of multiple map server sources in layers, including systems composed of different cartographic map projections.


User friendly GIS Application for creating spatial queries by metrics and attributes, geospatial analysis and geoestatistic operations.


Advanced GIS tool, for complex geoprocessing, including geostatistics and digital imaging.

OpenGTS - Open GPS Tracking System

OpenGTS is the first open source project designed specifically to provide Web based GPS tracking services for fleet vehicles.